Why Not Go For No

Yesterday I shared a story about a sales training client and some of the comments were very helpful, especially why the importance of no in sales is so significant. There are 4 positive outcomes of every sales call. One of them is a “no”

Absent from the list of positive outcomes are maybe, call me next week and let me talk to my partner.
Getting a no frees you up. You can use it to go find a QUALIFIED PROSPECT that really wants and needs what you do. A no will free you up to find a customer who’s willing to pay for your expertise.
Why not learn to go for no? It just might be the strategy to take your business to the next level.


The Frustrating Truth Why Sales Don't Close, 


He was brilliant with unsurpassed capability. They were in the software development space and sold to large corporations. He was as tough as they come. When I met Bill, he was in a lot of pain. His company bleeding cash and a lot of it.


He approached me after a spoke at his association and asked if I would come out and talk with him and his wife.


We did some assessments to find out why they weren’t closing. What we learned was they were making the following mistakes.


1.  No formal sales process. Pretty much sold by the seat of their pants approach.

2.  Too much telling and not enough asking.

3.  Didn’t have any idea what happened after a proposal or quote was presented.

4.   Not building any rapport with buyers

5.  Not uncovering a reason for prospects to buy form him.

6.  Waited too long in the sales cycle to discuss money.


As Bill and his protégé began learning my Client Centric Selling System they never missed a session. They systematically worked with me resolve each of the issues identified above. It took six months to start closing some nice sales. We worked his business for the next 18months. 


Today Bill and his team are the 800lb. Gorilla in the software Development market. They’ve gone from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million a year in sales. From 8 to 27 employees.


I learned that if you give people the right tools there’s no telling what impact our expertise can have in the right hands with the right motivation to change. 



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